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ER-001  Hoop Earrings- 24 pairs for $10.00

ER-002  Diamente Earrings- $6.00 Dozen


ER-003  Enamelled Earrings      $10.00 for 12 pair  (no thick ones bottom left)

ER-004  Anodised Metal   $12 for 24 pairs assorted- May vary from picture


ER-005  Tiny pearl earrings  $10.00 dozen

Very good quality

ER-007 Assorted Diamente Shoe Earrings- $6.00 dozen

4 designs - the two shown plus 2 different thong designs

ER-008 Leopard Skin shell earrings-  $4.00 a dozen

ER-009 Hoop earrings  $8.00 a dozen